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Truth as I see it

It is best to know the truth even when it hurts. Ignorance is bliss. Both of these statements are true because I believe they are both true. Truth is perception.

The truth isn’t always the truth. Urban myths are a fascination of mine. I’ll listen to whatever someone’s sister’s cousin’s roommate told them, then wait till they are out of earshot and have a good laugh. Check out Snopes if you want to unlearn anything that sounds too weird to be true.

If a majority of people believe the truth to be false, then it is false. The Sun went around the Earth, but now it doesn’t. The Earth was flat, but now it is round. Pluto was a planet…and still is, damn it. I don’t care what they say.

“You will find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.”
-Obi-Wan Kenobi
“Return of the Jedi”

People are going to believe what they want as long as it supports their point of view. People that watch one news channel say the other one does nothing but lie. The only time someone jumps the fence to the other side is when there is a convincing enough argument.

The truth hurts when we don’t want to hear it and more so the more we don’t want to hear. Do you really want to know your butt looks big in those jeans even if you ask? What if the person said your butt looks big without you asking?  The more it hurts, the more likely the person is going to think it is a lie or are just being cruel.

White lies and half truths are a necessary evil in modern society. They help us get along with the people we don’t like, protect the feelings of those we do like and maybe land that job that you really need. Does anyone answer the “What is your worst flaw?” question truthfully and expect to get hired? Well, yes, but they are only lying to themselves. The person that is honest and says their worst flaw is punctuality is going to lose the job to the person that lies.

This brings me to the 800-pound gorilla on the internet: wikileaks. I think wikileaks is an effective tool when they shed light on human rights violations. I think they need a better focus on what they release because not everything needs to be known. The latest batch of wikileaks shed light on what I already knew, ambassadors don’t always like each other. For me, if ambassador A thinks ambassador B is a tool that’s fine as long as they get along.  Ambassador B doesn’t need to know A thinks less of him, that’s only going to strain the relationship and make the job those two ambassadors harder to accomplish.

In the same release, they put out information that may have been used to bring down the corrupt government in Tunisia. The important stuff gets lost when you don’t focus. If you don’t have focus and treat everything as important, people don’t take you seriously, or worse, take you seriously for all the wrong reasons.


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