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Hump Day

Ladies, I cook and I don’t play Call of Duty Black Ops.

Anyway. Long day today messing with paperwork to get paid for something I did back in March. It’s been 240 days.

There’s a lot I had planned with the money that was for not taking a vacation. The best idea was to actually take a nice vacation this summer. Didn’t work out. Then it was to at least take a trip home for Thanksgiving so I can see my family before I deploy. Didn’t work out. Now it’s going to sit in a savings account while I’m deployed. Maybe next summer I’ll take a vacation.

This is how I end up with ridiculous amounts of vacation days saved up. I haven’t had a non-work related vacation since maybe 2008. I have had a couple stay-cations, but I end up going to work anyway because stuff still needs to get done.

All that being said, I sometimes envy certain customer service fields like finance. When it comes down to it, money is very cold. The guy behind the counter doesn’t have to care that a couple numbers didn’t hit my bank account this month. It’ll get there eventually and s/he can sleep at night not thinking about the repercussions. This is a broad generalization, by the way. I’m sure some of them do care, they just might feel their hands are tied.

Public affairs on the other hand is a different customer service animal. It’s not just a fire-and-forget story or picture. Whatever we do has to convey a message, it has to take into account many abstruse variables, and at least has to maintain the level of established trust with a sometimes unknown audience. It’s more…human. It takes feelings into account. It can follow all the rules, or be thrown wildly out of control by a commander just because s/he’s in charge. The ability to do the job effectively can be be usurped by someone with no experience in the field because of a simple misspelling. Let’s not forget it’s not always easy to sleep at night.

I do love my job, though. I will also be home for Thanksgiving. Things are going well regardless of issues.

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