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The blockage itself is intimidating. Yeah, there’s stress and I have a lot on my mind but still. I’m hoping I’m not used to the lack of writing. I’ve actually decided to set up a particular time to write in the evening essentially spitting in the face of a previous post where I poo-pooed the idea. Whatever. I’m desperate.

In the meantime, I’ve spent a good deal of energy reading whatever I can on the craft. Not all of them were hellishly boring. I read some words of wisdom from Kurt Vonnegut. I’m a fan even if I haven’t read anything of his – and BEFORE you say anything close to “OMG!11! Why haven’t you read X?!1!,” let me tell you my reading list is a pile of books up to about mid-thigh and on top of that is a nook with another 30 books on it. If I read everything I wanted to read I’d never live my own life. Besides, I just started a short story collection of Russian authors and that’s going to take some time.

One of the fun articles I read talked about creating a brand for yourself. For instance, Stephen King wrote some early novels as Richard Bachman. The Bachman brand was to get around over-saturating the market with King books.

To use a pseudonym or not to use a pseudonym was an unanswered question in the article. Would I use a pseudonym to make a name for myself? Doubtful. My name is unique and seems to stick out in people’s minds. The only thing I could see being a problem is people seeing a Russian sounding name and expecting some high-brow Russian lit and that might not be my style.

That might be putting the cart before the horse. First I have to write something.

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