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Training: Day…whatever this is.

I no longer remember how long I’ve been here, but I know I leave in three days.

Today was land navigation. My team included an Eagle Scout and two other folks. Add that to my innate sense of direction, scouting experience, intuition, and growing up in the woods. We finished the course 30 minutes faster than the Army standard, which was fast enough for the instructors to think we were using a GPS.

Pff. Waypoints. I’m a gamer. I’ve done land navigation with way points nearly everyday for 12 years.

The fun part was the intuition. Just sort of knowing where the markers are really helps too. “The compass says this way.” Right, but if we cut over this way, we can walk through the clearing and it’s on the edge over there. “Can you see it?” Not yet.

Tomorrow is the final exercise and a test. We graduate the next day. Then the next day I’ll be heading home for a little bit.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m flippin’ tired.

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