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Training: Day Five

Alternate title: “Hell yeah, Dude! Get some!”

Today was marksmanship and I thought it was going to be cake, but while this new eyeglass prescription is fine, the inserts for my ballistic goggles caused me a lot of problems. It seems I can only see 200 yards with them on and that’s only in focus if I hold my head still, down and look an exact spot in the lens.

Normally, I shoot very close to marksman, but when I tried zeroing the M16A2, I only got one shot on the paper out of three. I was seeing double of the small target I had to hit. The disturbing thing was there was a huge backboard to the target and I didn’t hit that at all. The second and third attempt I got two out of three on the paper. The instructor fixed my sight and said I should be okay. I was ready to quit.

I know I have a problem. When I think I have a skill, if I perform it at anything less than perfect by my standards, then I would rather give up. It pisses me off, sets off my mood and there’s usually no recovering from that.

I know everyone wants to do well. My standard happens to only accept 98% or better. Thankfully I don’t feel like that about everything or I’d get nothing done.

Needless to say going from being able to bullseye at 300 yards to not hitting the paper at 25 set me off. I waited two turns to shoot, told myself this is just for fun and I’ll get this eye insert fixed when I get back.

I got up on the mound when it was my turn and looked down range and saw the orange target at 300 yards. I brought my weapon up, sighted it on the target and saw that I could no longer see it. I felt a little defeated. I could barely make out the target at 200 yards.

I went through a couple clips and the instructor came over. Turns out he’s a Marine sniper. He told me to take a shot at the 300. I told him I can only see the 200. He had me take a few shots saying lower and left until I hit it. I shot at the 100 and had the same problem. Low and left he said again.

My sight was so off, I had to aim at the target, then aim down and left about a centimeter everytime.

Once I got that worked out, he was pretty happy with my shooting. He even got a little excited a few times.

Then we went for speed. He explained the mechanics of double tapping; striking the target twice before it falls. I excelled at it and was able to hit the target out to 100 yards with both bullets. I got through 24 shots in under a minute only missing twice. The instructor came back over and asked if I was done already. I said I thought so. He said I had two more clips and this time he watched me do it, at one point shouting “Hell yeah, dude! Get some!”

Today, this writer/photographer impressed a Marine sniper. I’m going to chalk that up in the win category.


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