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On the second day of 2011

Two days into my New Year’s manifesto and I’ve made a little progress. Yesterday I signed on for the WordPress Post a Day 2011 challenge, so that takes care of trying to write more. I’ll give it a few days for the ol’ brain juices to start flowing before I tackle larger writing projects. I’ve got a few ideas, but I also have a couple books on novel writing coming in the mail soon.

For fitness I ate all the sweets I had in the house. Well, you can’t just throw those out. That’s wasteful. I’m kidding. I could be doing more in this area. My diet has been pretty average. I’m weening myself from soda. I’m down to a couple diet drinks a day and had to increase the coffee intake to offset the caffeine loss. I remembered this too late yesterday after I had a ragging headache. Exercise is lacking. I’m really going to have to just do it.

In the art department, I’m building a new computer to go in the office. It went down before my move so I’ve been relying on my laptop for photo editing. The screen is only 13 inches. I make do, but I’d rather have a larger screen with a faster processor. This has nothing to do with Star Wars: The Old Republic online game coming out in a few months, I swear. Plus, the screen size will help with building the web site. Hopefully this next weekend’s weather will be nice and I can head out somewhere with my camera. I should probably brainstorm some ideas.

Schooling? Yeah, that costs money. Maybe next term.

And love? Ha. In two days? I said that takes time.

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Salty’s Manifesto for 2011

Why settle on just one resolution for the year? I posed that question to myself and thought about it on my drive home. I came up with quite a few things I want to work on this year. Another reason it makes sense is when a resolution fails in the first couple of days people get down on themselves. I couldn’t quit smoking for two days or I had a piece of cake so there goes my diet. For the whole year? Really? Cut yourself some slack.

Not only do you have to want to change, you have to want to work at it. You aren’t going to be a different person in one day.

I’ve kept them positive to help with my motivation. Each part will have goals to be accomplished. If any of the goals are met, I’ll consider that a success. The manifesto is as follows:

1. Write More

I’m a writer, therefore I should write. I made an amazing amount of excuses last year and all that did was get nothing done.

Goals: Get in the habit of writing every day. Write short stories. Work on a novel. Finish National Novel Writing Month this year. Read more.

2. Improve Health

I fell out of the habit somewhere. I think it was when I went to Haiti. Nine days off from working out coupled with really low caloric intake managed to throw off my motivation. The big wake up was running around in body armor a month later. I was fit enough to do it, but I wasn’t in the shape I wanted to be in.

Goals: Pass my PT test. Complete P90 X. Lose ten pounds. Drink more water.

3. More Art

I haven’t touched a camera for something other than work in at least a year. I have a web site I haven’t touched…or four. I have models that want to work with me. I have the equipment. I just need to do something with it.

Goals: Take more photos for fun. Try to sell something. Get my web site up and running.

4. More Schooling

This one is a no brainer. I have to finish my degree. This one won’t be finished this year, but I need some forward momentum.

Goals: Finish the three classes that are keeping me from taking English classes; math, science and communication.

5. Find True Love

This might take some time. It’s a lofty but worthy goal. I guess we’ll see how this turns out.

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