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On the second day of 2011

Two days into my New Year’s manifesto and I’ve made a little progress. Yesterday I signed on for the WordPress Post a Day 2011 challenge, so that takes care of trying to write more. I’ll give it a few days for the ol’ brain juices to start flowing before I tackle larger writing projects. I’ve got a few ideas, but I also have a couple books on novel writing coming in the mail soon.

For fitness I ate all the sweets I had in the house. Well, you can’t just throw those out. That’s wasteful. I’m kidding. I could be doing more in this area. My diet has been pretty average. I’m weening myself from soda. I’m down to a couple diet drinks a day and had to increase the coffee intake to offset the caffeine loss. I remembered this too late yesterday after I had a ragging headache. Exercise is lacking. I’m really going to have to just do it.

In the art department, I’m building a new computer to go in the office. It went down before my move so I’ve been relying on my laptop for photo editing. The screen is only 13 inches. I make do, but I’d rather have a larger screen with a faster processor. This has nothing to do with Star Wars: The Old Republic online game coming out in a few months, I swear. Plus, the screen size will help with building the web site. Hopefully this next weekend’s weather will be nice and I can head out somewhere with my camera. I should probably brainstorm some ideas.

Schooling? Yeah, that costs money. Maybe next term.

And love? Ha. In two days? I said that takes time.

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