Alexy Saltekoff was born in 1976 in Oregon in a small lumber town. He spent most of his early adult life in Virginia until he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 2002. He is now stationed in Georgia. He has written numerous articles and taken many photos for the Air Force. Currently, he is working on several short stories and his first novel.


There are a couple goals with this blog. It won’t be a journal so it won’t document his daily life. The main purpose is to to track his progress as a writer and as he moves toward writing his first novel. It will also be used to keep tabs on and highlight the places visited and people met by the author.

The blog will be free from religion and politics. The author holds the freedom of speech near and dear to his heart and loves the English language. Expect to see the occasional large word, but the blog will be kept easy to read and short on…expletives. The author can’t make promises about the swearing. He still believes his ninth grade English teacher who said swearing was acceptable if there was a need to convey the passion of the moment and for impact.

3 responses to “About…

  1. Karen Anthony

    I always thought you’d make a great writer.

  2. I like your views and looking forward to reading your blog. 🙂

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