Finding focus: Writing an editorial policy

This is part three in a series of six on strategies for finding focus while writing a blog.

If your vision is the direction to go with your writing then editorial policies are your rules of the road. An editorial policy is simply a statement about how you are going to conduct yourself on your blog. This doesn’t have to be written in stone, but it should be close.

I come from a military journalism background and one of my favorite things to do was go through the archives and see what’s changed and what has stayed the same over the years. One thing that changed was the editorial policies. There were racist cartoons, Page 3 girls, cigarette ads and drink specials. Back in the day, this was perfectly acceptable. Society has moved on and the policies now reflect that by outlawing those things in military papers.

You might not want to share your vision, but the editorial policy is best out in the open. This will let your readers know what they can expect from your blog. A great spot for this is on an “about me” page. If people like what they read, the about the author page is the next place they’ll go. Give them exactly what they are looking for.

The policy for my blog is vague; no politics, no religion and very little swearing. I’ll add to it as I go and as I see fit. For now, it says what I need it to say.

To create your policy, as plainly as possible state what your blog is about, what you will write about and what you won’t write about. It doesn’t have to be long or detailed, just honest. Oh, and you’ll have to hold yourself to those rules because your readers will expect that. No big deal, right?

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