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Finding focus: What’s your vision?

This is part two in a series of six on strategies for finding focus while writing a blog.

Another step in maintaing focus is to have a vision, the business kind not the quest kind (the later can be a post later if you’d like.) A vision is the basic idea of what you want to accomplish. It’s not a road map, but it is the compass that keeps you moving in the right general direction.

Picture where you want to go. Envision where you’d like to be as a writer even if you think it’d never happen in your wildest dream. If you need help, start by answering these three questions: Why are you blogging? What do you like about the act of blogging? What would be nice to get out of writing a blog and what do you need to get out of writing a blog?

I’m blogging because it’s good writing practice. I like getting feedback and the personal nature of writing for a blog. It would be nice to have my work noticed to possibly sell. I need the practice and to gain confidence in my writing as I work on a novel.

Combine your answers into a single sentence and simplify down until it sounds good to you. This is the vision. My vision is to write a blog to practice my writing and become a novelist.

Other people might have loftier goals, or not want to get paid for their work because writing is its own reward, or do it just for fun. It’s all fine because this is your vision.

Write your vision on a sheet of paper and stick it up next to your writing area. Are you writing just for fun? Then write “It’s just for fun.” and have at it. This is your own personalized motivation. It’s better than a poster of some kitten on a branch telling you to hang in there…unless that’s your thing, then just put the vision next to it.

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