Last night’s post didn’t get posted on time so I technically missed the post once a day aspect. Then again, I wrote it yesterday so I didn’t miss the write once a day aspect. My internet connection was “hiccuping” according to my provider. On my end it looked like it had Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. I hoped it would be fine in the morning and it was.

Tonight’s topic is hope. Did my hoping help my internet connection to work? No. Well, maybe. I can’t prove it either way. Did it hurt anything? No. It did make me feel better.

Hope is a tricky feeling that borrows from other feelings like love and faith. It doesn’t change anything as far as I can tell other than give people the motivation to keep trying. Sure, there’s false hope, but at least it makes people feel better even if it is a delusion. As long as it doesn’t prevent someone from doing what’s best for them then I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Hope is a feeling I get from time to time when I want something a little more than usual and I don’t think I’m going to get it. For instance, a donut. I’ll want a donut, but I’ll hope someone brings it to me.

Maybe it’s a perspective thing. I can’t think of a time when something gave me hope, but it might renew my hope. The hope itself never goes away but will get beaten down sometimes the more unlikely I think something is. Once it got beaten so far down I didn’t think I would get it back, but it never died. It’s not something that I’d ever want to loose again. People can live without faith and belief, but they can’t live without hope. There’s no way to function without the thought that things can be better or can be changed.



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2 responses to “Hope?

  1. Beautiful post! Hope is what keeps most people going when they think all is lost. What is life, without hope? 🙂

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