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One hour

Tonight’s topic asks when would I go for an hour if I had a time machine. This has a ton of moral and ethical complications. Can the past be changed? Should one use time travel to make them richer?

There’s only two directions to go in time: past or future. I’ll explore both a bit before my surprise final answer.

I don’t believe a person can/should try to alter the past because they would more than likely cause the very thing they are trying to prevent. I figure this is true because all the events of the past lead up to the point where a person would travel back to change it. I think the universe would find a way to make sure everything stays the same. Suppose time travel is possible in the future, wouldn’t someone have stopped Lincoln from being assassinated by now? Either we can’t travel in time or we can’t change the past.

The other reason for traveling back in time would be to view an event in history. Pick one? Impossible. Also, I think it’s a little mundane. If I only get an hour, I’d rather see something that hasn’t happened. Plus, buying stocks in the past so I can be rich today might seem like a good idea, but that’s really not my style.

This leaves the future. As it is right now, everything is unknown. How does one pick a time in the future without knowing when it happens?

I might be a little biased on when I’d like to go do to Doctor Who and Douglas Adams, but I’d like to see the last hour of the universe. I think there’s really only two events that matter in time, the beginning and the end. Everything else is kind of insignificant in comparison.

Why not go back to see how it all began? And waste an hour? No thanks. Even if I saw the beginning, no one would believe me anyway. The end is much more exciting. Or not. Who knows? It’s the end though. I’d like that last hour to see if I can figure out what it all meant.

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