To blog or not to blog

Nothing like a deadline to get some work done. I kept thinking I’d get to it later and now it’s much later than I was hoping. Tonight’s topic is basically how I got into blogging and it may deviate due to it being past my bedtime.

I’ve been writing fiction since at least age 12. I lost interest for a while, but in 7th grade I had a creative writing class and that got me going again. I wrote more during high school, mostly for my friends. By today’s standards the stories would be considered deeply disturbing and I’d be on some watch list, but thankfully at the time they were “Very creative :)” and I got an A.

My writing has matured since then, but it gave me a need for an audience. I could write for myself, or just to write, but where is the fun in that? Maybe it’s its own reward for some, but not me. I started this blog because I wanted to write more and felt the need for an audience. Truthfully, if I didn’t want an audience I would make all the posts private and I would loose interest in it rather quickly.

I’ve written personal diaries since 1992 or so. I wrote them for me. I’d write maybe once a day for a week, then loose it for three months, then write again. I have four of them like this. Writing for myself just doesn’t work.

When I got out of basic training my friends were using Livejournal which was right up my alley. I had just started writing seriously for work and not only was it a good outlet for my thoughts and practice of the craft, it let me keep in touch with my friends.

I kept at it nearly semi-daily for years ending rather abruptly about two years ago. I haven’t touched it in a while because of Facebook. It was way easier to write a short sentence than think of something interesting that people might want to read.

That changed last year or so. I went to a party and ran into people I didn’t know that used to read my journal. People I didn’t know read what I wrote, liked it enough to share it with their friends and recognized me at a party? Well, I’m easily flattered, so that was all I needed to start writing again. This time in blog format.

I decided to go this route to have something more professional looking. To go with the look, I also felt I should write more professionally. The rants from my youth are gone. Not that I don’t get fired up about things, but I’m trying to appeal to a broader audience. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to write a post about my first book.


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