To be remembered

Eleven days of writing and I am burnt out. Holy cow. The topic of the day is “How do you want to be remembered?” or something like that. I’m really going to try on this one…try to write something. By that I mean try not to ramble and get at least 300 words written.

Seeing as how immortality is off the table (for now) I’d like to be remembered as being awesome. My back up plan is to write at least one novel people like. Well, two or three. Honestly, who wants to be a one hit wonder? If I can only manage one I’ll have to become a recluse and not take interviews for 40 years. Then I’ll die and people will say, “Wow, he died? OMG, I thought he died years ago. I’m so sad now.” Everyone will then quote me on whatever passes for Facebook 40 years for now.

I don’t want that. No one does. Maybe they do, I don’t know. What I do know is I’d rather have people argue over which was my best book. Well, as long as it’s not an argument against later books because the first one was the best. I’d also hate to here the later books lost that magic and I was just in it for the money.

Now that all the nonsense is out of the way and everyone has stopped reading…

Seriously, if I could be remembered for anything, I’d like to be remembered for promoting peace, love and kindness and have people actually listen for once. You know, without getting killed for it. I mean, as long as I’m dreaming, right? It’s my blog post and I’ll do what I want.

It’s a lot to ask, I know. This is why I’m leaning toward the novel. It’s at least an attainable goal and maybe something I say will sit on a dusty shelf somewhere.


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