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Stir crazy

The funny thing about getting stir crazy is I don’t have an issue with being in the house for a few days unless I’m stuck in the house. One day of my own free will does not equal one day of captivity. I go from being able to find a lot to do and then not doing it to doing nothing and not wanting to do anything but leave the house. Perhaps that’s why it’s “crazy.”

Today hasn’t been too bad. I’m not truly stuck and it’s almost all melted. At least I had the day off work and didn’t have to sit through a Monday. I had no idea a little ice and snow could shut down Georgia, so that counts as learning something new today.

Still, I feel the cabin fever taking root. I’m combating it with writing and movies, but it’s still there. I’m not sure there’s a way to beat it completely without fresh air.

Clearly, watching Inception for the first time was a bad idea…and it is giving me déjà vu. Yes, I’m feeling stuck in a house while watching a movie about being stuck in a dream within a dream within a dream that I think I’ve seen before. I may have slipped into the rabbit hole.

How do I avoid getting stir crazy? It looks like I don’t. I’ll have to walk it off tomorrow after the ice melts.

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