Talk or text

I was born between generations. One likes to text and one like to talk on the phone. That’s a generalization for the most part as most of my friends made the switch just fine, but the idea is played up a lot so I will run with it.

I use many forms of communication and feel quite happy with my ways. I don’t have a preference. I don’t see any form of communication as lazy or evil because I’m still communicating. All the forms have their uses and misuses. I won’t drive 600 miles to talk to all my friends face to face to tell them I like a new cheese I tried. That’s just ridiculous, I’ll tweet it.

Communication, as I remember from college, is the exchange of ideas. I think of something, I say it in a way that someone understands, the other person understands, thinks of a response and says something back. That’s the short version. I remember it being longer, but that’s the gist. Basically, without at least one other person it isn’t communication. Without at least an acknowledgement, a text is just an elaborate thumb exercise.

Here are the main ways I communicate:

Twitter: I use tweeting for short unimportant or funny one-liners that can be said in less than 140 characters while I’m away from my computer. Pretty specific right? It’s probably my least used tool, but I do see it’s benefits. I don’t see it as communication until someone retweets. I see it more as a messaging system to catch the little thoughts that pass through my head that really should be forgotten, but instead becomes a public announcement. It only becomes useful when you try to be engaging.

Facebook: Love it or hate it, it’s a growing beast. I meet people that are resistant to it every day. I tell them all of the small village I visited in Haiti that all share one computer and all the kids had Facebook. I use Facebook as more of a life update tool. It helps me keep up to date with friends, family and coworkers I like and vice versa. It’s a little more of a communication tool because you get responses back, but you get out of it what you put into it. I think it’s a great way to get feedback on something quickly.

Email: It almost seems like an archaic form of communication nowadays. I almost hate using it now. The only thing I like about email is archiving conversations. It helps me keep track of things I need to work on. What I hate about it is having to use emails to catch people in lies. “You never said that, you never sent me anything.” I did and here’s proof. Really it would be best to say “I forgot, I’ll do it now.” I have a ton of pet peeves with this tool which could be a post by itself.

Texting: For when I don’t feel like saying much.

Talking: The be all and end all of communication. I don’t get in a chatty mood often, but there’s nothing like talking. I love the body language, personal space, and tones that go along with face to face talking. Talking on the phone is okay and will serve in a pinch if I can’t meet in person. Walking into someone’s office is also the best way to get anything done. Email can get ignored, but face to face communication let’s them know it’s important to you.


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  1. Sodindo Banana

    Between generations? You’re the absolute epitome of Gen X: snarky & gothic!

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