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What makes me smile

I’m pretty conservative when it comes to smiling. This fact gets brought to my attention almost daily by the same people that look outside, see that it’s raining and say, “It looks like it’s raining outside.” Smiling hurts my face.

I’ll smirk, sneer, bare my teeth and grimace, but I’ll only smile if I feel like it. I’m not an unhappy person. Unhappy people will smile to get people to think they’re happy. I’m trying to promote honesty in facial expressions.

Part of the reason I don’t smile is I know how it looks on camera and I hate how I look when I smile on camera. I’ll take a photo, then 29 more trying not to look like a doofus. After failing 30 shots in a row, I stop trying and “Blue Steel” the camera.

There’s really only three things that cause me to loose control of my face and smile; puppies, babies and a pretty girl. Puppies and babies don’t care what I look like when I smile. For the most part, women like my smile. Somehow they don’t find it as creepy as I think it is. They tend to find it cute and boyish. I’ll take that as a win.

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