Due credit

If I had to pick someone that deserves more credit than they get, I’d pick me. No, not really. In fact, I am probably the most ungrateful person when it comes to being thanked and receiving credit. Mostly because I get it for things I don’t think I deserve it for.

When I get credit for something I wrote or a picture I’ve taken, that’s one thing…especially if I feel I put some time and effort into it. There’s really nothing else I like to get thanked for. That’s just me, though.

I think people in public service deserve all the credit in the world. First responders, military, they decided that all of our lives and safety are more important than theirs. For a lot of them, they’re just doing their job and don’t really want the thanks. It doesn’t mean they don’t like to hear it.

I know people see the uniform and they feel the need to say thank you which is always why I’m polite about it. Besides, the alternative is getting spit on and called “baby killer.” No one wants to go back to that.

I’m not exactly a front-line fighter. I’m never more uncomfortable when a complete stranger thanks me for my service. I help wage an information war with words and pictures. I don’t feel worthy of the thanks that comes with military service, but I make sure the thanks gets passed forward to the right people. Aside from humanitarian aid, there’s nothing I like doing more than making sure the troops know that they have the support they need.


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