Sympathy for December

What a month December is. It’s 31 long dark and cold days here in the Northern hemisphere. It has been packed with holidays in the hopes that we might forget that. In fact, we even celebrate the last day because it’s the end of the year. We spend months prepping and shopping, then we just want the year to be over. Personally, I look forward to the 21st as the days start getting longer after that.

I’m indifferent toward December as a whole. It seems to be a very short month. I used to like having a couple weeks off from school. Later, I got two weeks off from the newspaper. (I always referred to it as time off for good behavior like it was a prison sentence. It kinda felt like it.) I’ve had more break ups than I care to remember during this time. It’s cold, which I hate, and dark, which I like.

Take the holidays out of the equation and what are you left with? August…except it’s cold as heck. So really, people don’t like December, they like the holidays in December. And let’s be honest, they are kind of the best selfless holidays. You don’t feel like spreading cheer on Groundhog’s Day. Peace on Earth and good will toward all isn’t on your mind for Halloween, Columbus Day or even Veteran’s Day.

If it weren’t for the holidays, December would be the bad guy. It’s not really December’s fault. We’ve got 12 months and one of them had to take one for the team. They can’t all be June, though I’d doubt we’d like June half as much if we didn’t have December.

We need December to be the bad guy. It’s the end of the old year. The new year is the perfect time to start project X. Things are about to change. It’s going to get warmer, the days are going to get longer. The new year is full of hopes and promises…all because December just really, really sucks. With the exception of the holidays.



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2 responses to “Sympathy for December

  1. Thanks for the reminder that December has to be the bad guy. It teaches us to appreciate the more beautiful months.

  2. a new perspective and I find I agree with you. Poor December. Worse is January; no days off work for holidays! just one long drudge of a day after another.

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