I found a writing prompt website this past week. It took me a week to decide if I wanted to write something on the topic and by then there was already a new topic. Two days later I actually wrote something. This week’s topic is limitations.

Limitations are imaginary boundaries for the most part. Society has a unique set of social limitations and morals based on your location. There are plenty to pick from and there can be punishments for breaking the rules. (What would the neighbors think?) There’s really not a lot that can be done about them. One can conform or not. It all depends on the limitations you set for yourself.

The limits we set for ourselves can be found quite easily by finishing the statement “I would never…” A big one for me is I would never break a society limit that would require jail time. That makes me a conformist, at least partially. Would I do something that’s going to break a rule and not send me to jail? You betcha.

I like breaking self imposed limits which can finish the statement, “I could never…” Testing personal limits is the only way to find the real boundaries.

For instance, “I could never go without a hot shower” will keep most folks from camping or traveling to places without hot water. They might be perfectly content to never leave their comfortable life, but I can tell you I’m not one of those people. I’ve been to quite a few places without hot water…or water at all. I still find a way to clean myself which makes my real limitation “I would never forsake good hygiene.” Showering is a luxury sometimes, but I’ll be darned if I catch some random disease from not cleaning. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a hot shower, but I don’t let that limit me in where I can go or do.

My biggest limitation is being introverted. I can break outside that boundary often, but not for long. I like having walls to come back to and hide behind. It makes the journey outside all the more rewarding.


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