Still blocked

Well, so to speak. I can at least put some words together for some semblance of coherent thought. Enough of this drivel and I have a blog post. Yay.

Basically I say blocked because the creative juices are not flowing. I browsed the Web for some help and saw tons of writing prompts that I sweepingly dismissed as “dumb.” When the first thing that comes to mind with a writing prompt is a no answer, then I think the prompt is terrible. For example, “Write a made-up magic spell, including ingredients, chants, and actions. Now, turn it into a poem.” No. See? I got that one from Writer’s Digest. There’s one a little further down that interested me. I may try it in a bit to see what happens. This week’s is just poo. I’m prejudiced against poetry though. I was looking forward to doing it every week. I still have hope.

I’m not suffering from a lack of ideas. I give you this analogy; it’s like space. The outer kind of space. There’s tons of stuff floating around and all of it is just fascinating to me. Traveling from point A to point B requires planning and the vessel to make the trip. I have the plan, I have the vessel, I have too many destinations. With too many destinations I start to see space for what it is, infinite. In all directions. All at once. I try to wrap my head around that and I want to vomit.

I’ve loved space since I was a kid, yet it scares the hell out of me. Probably one of the dumbest phobias I have. At least clowns are tangible. Seriously, though. Drifting through forever? *shudder*

That digression is brought to you today by the word “focus.” I need it. Sitting down to write at a certain time every day has resulted in about 800 words of non-fiction and 0 words of fiction. My ADHD puppy brain gets distracted terribly easily. I am probably being too harsh on myself. It’s really only day two of this new schedule.

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