Training: Day Six

Today was a down day so I picked up a few magazines on psychology and photography, rented Lost Boys 3, and finished Dead Before Dawn. Oh, and there was football on or something.

Tomorrow I get shot at. No risk of death, but good chance of bruising. I took a tally of the bruises I have so far just so I know how many times I get shot tomorrow.

That might sound pessimistic, but I shoot pictures and write stories. Tomorrow my squad will clear buildings and go up against the Marine sniper and other instructors who are all prior service Army infantry at least. I’m just not thinking we stand a chance. We’ll see, I guess.


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  1. Karen Anthony

    Remember Shankar Goswami from Eugene? He was visiting us last week and told us that when he trained as a Marine, they used REAL bullets because that’s how the commies trained their guys. So training could be a lot worse today. Good to hear about your marksmanship. Your dad and grandpa Heus were great shots, too.

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