Training: Day Three

I was a little stiff this morning, but they took it easy on us. Today we learned a lot about convoy operations. Probably the single greatest learning experience so far was what can only be described as a rock tumbler as we practiced exiting overturned vehicles.

If someone told me ten years ago that I’d be doing all the things I’ve done in the last four months I would not have believed them. Hell, even three years ago. I’m afraid it might begin to blur together if I don’t keep writing it down.

I’m a little disappointed I’m missing my shows and a few video game releases. I’m more upset I’m going to miss Halloween. I definently miss my cat. The worst is seeing all the moms and dads calling home and being a little envious of that. Yeah, they have a family they have to leave for six months, but I’d take that over having to go home to an empty house or not having someone meet me at the airport to welcome me home.

Probably a downer of a way to end a post, so I’ll keep going for a bit. I’m getting a bunch or reading in. The blogging is satiating my need to write, though I do wish I’d brought my laptop after all. NaNoWriMo is starting soon and it’d be nice to finish one sometime. I also have a few photo items picked out I need to get when I get back.

If there’s anything that makes everything better, it’s music. I have a little with me, but I have all my CDs on my iPod so I absolutely have to bring that on the deployment along with my laptop.



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2 responses to “Training: Day Three

  1. Karen Anthony

    So what are you reading these days? I started “The Darkness of the Heart” or the blackness or something similar. Won the German book of the year award and sold 800,000 copies in that small country alone. Little time for reading though. Can you call on Sunday?

  2. Wen

    I would be happy to meet you at the airport the next time you’re flying in the US…but I imagine you’ll be going to Georgia rather than towards DC :/

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