Training: Day…ow

My phone app killed my first version of this post. I’m sore, tired and not really in the mood to retype it all.

Esentially, today was rough. I nearly didn’t finish as I managed to injure my hamstring trying to jump up and run in 50 lbs of gear. I stumbled once because I forgot my center of gravity had changed. I crawled, got back up to run and hooked my weapon strap on my knee pads and stumbled again. The third time was not the charm as that was when my right leg quit working.

After assuring the instructors I could finish, they let me. Good thing too as my team rocked the course.

P90x and CrossFit sort of prepared me for this. The only way to actually prepare would be to do CrossFit in full body armor in the mud while explosions are going off with a team that all has to finish. Even the most fit guys here are in pain, so I don’t feel too bad about all the aches I have.



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2 responses to “Training: Day…ow

  1. Jan

    Yikes. 😦

  2. Karen Anthony

    Yup, you are going through exactly what I imagined.

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