Training: Day One

I left this morning for New Jersey. The plane was delayed an hour and I thought that was the worst part of my day.

The worst part turned out to be I arrived the day class started. Somehow they’re letting me continue. A close second to the worst part was an hour in the car with a sports fanatic that hated all my teams. I told him I don’t follow sports and he didn’t believe me. “You must be so happy the Redskins won.” Actually, hadn’t crossed my mind. I’m happy I had coffee this morning. I’m happy there are women in this world. I’m happy for a lot of things. Sports…meh.

Back to training, though. I’m here with two or three other public affairs folks and three more from other career fields I knew at Andrews Air Force Base. And here I thought I wouldn’t know anyone.

I’d forgotten a few things about the training environment that I was quickly reminded of. Here are a few: Army chow halls with bad food and less than enthusiastic service; itchy wool blankets on twin-sized bunk beds; waking up at 4:30 a.m. so you can beat the line to the shower, thereby beating the line to breakfast which is the only decent meal in an Army chow hall.

None of these things are as awful as they sound. They build character…or something. I actually find the quirks endearing. Especially the lady that frowned while telling me to enjoy my meal. One of my side goals while I’m here is to get her to smile.



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2 responses to “Training: Day One

  1. Karen

    Are there any women recruits, or do they train separately? Start dreaming about the food you want to eat when you are home.

    • There are. They are right here in the mud with the guys. To be honest, when I was running from sniper fire and they were shooting supressing fire to provide cover for me, I really didn’t notice gender until I heard them speak.

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