Nearly ready to go

Pulling all my equipment together, getting scheduled for training for pre-deployment training and testing has been a hassle at best and a nightmare at worst. I like to have as much done as possible as soon as I can do it and I’m not always afforded that opportunity. Sometimes no matter what I do it all comes down to the last few minutes of the last day. It turns my stomach and I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to it.

I’m leaving soonish for actual pre-deployment training. Then when I get back I’ll have a few weeks to gather everything else I need for the actual deployment. Six months in Iraq…sounds rough, but it’ll be cake compared to the year-long deployments some folks get.

Besides, this is my first deployment. I’ve never dodged it, but it’s just never happened. I was supposed to go this past summer to Afghanistan, but I was moved to Georgia instead. A funny thing I noticed: At the end of my time in Iraq, I’ll have lived there longer than I’ve lived in Georgia.

I am a little scared to go, not afraid, just a bit nervous. I’m going to disrupt my life and go somewhere I’ve never been. I’m going to miss Christmas with the family, holidays, birthdays and have to rely on the internet to stay in touch. I’ll be six months without my cat who’s been my little buddy for several years now. She’ll be in good hands.


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